Tangerine Sorbet - Paradise Seeds

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Manufacturer:Paradise Seeds
Product no.:PAS-7180
Shipping time:about 5 - 7 days
Gender Feminized
Crossing Original Old School-Varietyn
Variety 20% Sativa, 80% Indica
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor, Glasshouse
Flowering time  63 Days
Yield outdoors 750 grams per plant
Yield indoors 500 g/m2
Harvest time Oktober
THC18 - 22 %
Taste & Aroma Mischung aus Zitrone und Mango und ihr süß-saurer Geschmack





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Products description

Tangerine Sorbet - Paradise Seeds, all-round hybrids.

Tangerine Sorbet is a long awaited new addition to the family of one of Paradise Seeds' most popular strains, Wappa. This strain builds on the formidable performance of the original all-round hybrid, Tangerine Sorbet is super fast flowering! It is the result of a genetic fusion of excellent, proven performance, US breeding power and an improved terpene profile. With an uplifting terpene profile and mind-opening powers.

Indoor: If anyone has had the pleasure of growing Wappa, then you can expect something similar. Just with an added bonus of color and smell in the grow room. Tangerine Sorbet is an extremely easy plant to grow. It is very robust and has a very forgiving nature. Both novice and experienced growers will appreciate its super-fast flowering time, lush color and high yielding capacity. Paradise Seeds recommends leaving the plant to mature until the end of the flowering period to take full advantage of it.

Outdoors: This strain is a great choice for outdoor cultivation as it does not present any complications. Tangerine Sorbet has no requirements. This plant has the same genes that make Wappa develop well, whether on the beach or at 3,000 meters above sea level. In trials, it has proven to be very resistant to fungi and diseases. This makes it a perfect choice for growers in northern regions. The fast flowering time allows the grower to harvest and dry the plant before the wet and cold fall arrives.

This plant description was provided by Paradise Seeds.

Tangerine Sorbet
Tangerine Sorbet
Tangerine Sorbet
Tangerine Sorbet
Tangerine Sorbet
Tangerine Sorbet
Tangerine Sorbet
Tangerine Sorbet

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