NYC Sour D Auto - RQS x Tyson 2.0

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Manufacturer:RQS & Tyson 2.0
Product no.:RQTYS-8546
Shipping time:about 5 - 7 days
GenderFeminized Autoflowering
CrossNY Diesel x Sour Diesel Auto
Flowering Time Indoor8 - 10 weeks
Flowering Time11-13 weeks after sowing
Yield Outdoor140 - 180 gr/plant
Yield Indoor450 - 500 gr/m2
Height Indoor70 - 110 cm
Height Outdoor120 - 150 cm
ClimateLong summers
EffectEuphoric, Physically relaxing, Motivating
Taste & AromaDiesel, Fruity, Lime, Sour, Citrusy





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Products description

NYC Sour D Auto by RQS x Tyson 2.0

NYC Sour D Auto, an exclusive creation in collaboration with Tyson 2.0, brings the best of the world of boxing and cannabis together. This strain, personally valued by boxing legend Mike Tyson for its euphoric and motivating high as well as its unique flavors, is now available to anyone looking for an exceptional experience.

The genetics of this strain are a perfect blend of NY Diesel and Sour Diesel Auto, giving it a sativa-dominant profile. With a THC content of 21%, NYC Sour D Auto promises an energetic high that invigorates both mind and body. The flowering phase of this feminized autoflowering strain is 8 - 10 weeks, and it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Expect indoor yields of up to 500 gr/m² and outdoor up to 180 gr per plant.

As for the flavors, NYC Sour D Auto offers an exquisite combination of diesel, fruity, sour, and citrus notes, making it a true delicacy for the senses. Its effect is equally remarkable: A wave of euphoria and creative thinking, accompanied by deep physical relaxation, makes it the ideal choice for moments when you seek motivation and relaxation at the same time.

NYC Sour D Auto is not only known for its impressive performance but also for its adaptability in various growing situations. With a height of 70 - 110 cm indoors and 120 - 150 cm outdoors, it is perfect for growers who value discretion and space efficiency.

Let yourself be enchanted by the powerful combination of taste, aroma, and effect that NYC Sour D Auto has to offer. Whether you are an experienced grower or a newcomer looking for an uncomplicated strain with exceptional qualities, this strain definitely deserves a place in your collection.

NYC Sour D Auto
NYC Sour D Auto
NYC Sour D Auto

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