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Interested in cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion?

Welcome at! Currently we keep 69 different Dutch Passion cannabis seeds in stock.
The Dutch Passion breeds Brainstorm, Passion # 1, Voodoo, Skunk Passion, Khola, Durban Poison, Orange Bud, Sacra Frasca, Green Spirit , Masterkush, Power Plant, Ultra Skunk, Euforia, Oasis, Strawberry Cough, Mazar, Dolce Vita, Original Flo, White Widow und Isis can be found within category feminized 10 cannabis seeds.
We offer many Dutch Passion indoor seeds, among others Orange Bud, Skunk Passion, Green Spirit, Masterkush, Super Haze, Californian Orange, Euforia, Oasis, Ultra Skunk, Mazar, Strawberry Cough, Blue Moonshine, Dreamweaver, Delta 9, Orginal Blueberry, Original Flo, White Widow and Skywalker.
Also try Dutch Passion’s outdoor seeds like Shaman, Voodoo, Twilight, Passion # 1, Trance, Purple #1, Holland’s Hope, or Purple Star.
Lastly category feminized 5 cannabis seeds contains seeds like Brainstorm, Voodoo, Passion # 1, Khola, Orange Bud, Skunk Passion, Durban Poison, Masterkush, Sacra Frasca, Green Spirit, Oasis, Ultra Skunk, Power Plant, Euforia, Dolce Vita, Strawberry Cough, Mazar, White Widow, Isis und Orginal Blueberry.
Our Dutch Passion assortment is updated frequently, please feel free to send us a mail, if you have any questions.

cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion – years of experience pay!

Dutch Passion was one of the first Dutch Weed seed banks and sells cannabis seeds since 1987. Dutch Passion develops, improves and produces cannabis seeds of finest quality. A big breakthrough happened 1998, when Dutch Passion cultivated feminized seeds.
Weed seed of Dutch passion - many years experience pays off!
As one of the first Dutch Weed seed banks, Dutch passion sells cannabis seeds since 1987. Besides, Dutch passionis experienced in development, improvement and production of cannabis seed of highest quality, especially feminized cannabis seeds. Only female seeds originate from these feminized seeds, an absolute plus. The genetic advancement of cannabis seeds from all over the world is the foundation of Dutch passions success.

Looking for nirvana cannabis Seeds? 

Then you'll like Our well equipped on-line shop currently contains 40 different breeds by Nirvana Seeds.
Nirvana Seeds for Indoor use:  AK-48, Aurora Indica, to B-52, Big Bud, Blue Mystic, Bubblelicious, Four Way, Haze 19 x Skunk, Hindu Kush, Jock Horror, K2, Maroc x Afghan, master Kush, NL - Haze, NL - Shiva, NL - Big Bud, to Northern Light, PPP, Shiva, Silver Pearl, Skunk Red Hair, top 44 and White Rhino.
The nirvana-Seeds Afghan, master Kush, to Northern Light and top 44 can be cultivated indoor & outdoor.
The Outdoor area contains Early Bud, Early Girl, Early Misty, Early Special, Hawaii x Maui Waui, Hawaii x Skunk #1, Hope of Holland, KC 33 x master Kush, Mixed Sativa, New Purple Power, Swazi und Swiss Miss.
The Mr. Hanf Weed seed on-line shop is opened 24 hours for you. Use our live Support, or send us a mail!

Nirvana Seeds - high quality at fair prices!

Nirvana-Seeds is not only popular for its famous cannabis Seeds, nirvana has also set up in the hemp-food area. Tasty wines, liqueurs and beers go down as well as seeds by nirvana. Nirvana Seeds stands for the highest pleasure and enriches the market for more than 7 years. The constant quality of Nirvana-Seeds speaks for itself. One of the most potent plants from Nirvana's assortment is "Pure Power Plant", briefly PPP. The huge growth potential of hemp shows up in this strongly sativadominant plant. Also check our on-line shop for nirvana Seeds AK 48, one of the most powerful and most quickly growing plants, the Skunk breed B52, known for her huge Buds and Early Girl which is liked with beginners very much. Real hemp experts know, why they use nirvana Seeds!

Looking for Paradise Seeds? is glad to help. Our on-line shop contains a big assortment of hempseeeds, among others 28 different breeds from Paradise Seeds.
The column Paradise Seeds Female 10. Seeds contains Magic Bud, Wappa, Dutch Dragon, Ice Cream, White Berry, Sheherazade, Nebula, opium, Jacky White and Sensi star.
Take a look at "Paradise Seeds Female 5. Seeds", you will find Ice Cream, Jacky White, Magic Bud, Dutch Dragon and Nebula. Paradise Seeds area "Regular 10. Seeds" there is Sweet Purple, Belladonna, Magic Bud, Durga Mata, Rox, Sativa Spirit, Sugar Babe, Amsterdam Fleming, Dutch Dragon, Sheherazade, Nebula, Swiss Bliss and Sensi star.
Thank you for your visit in our on-line shop, please feel free to mail us about details.

Paradise Seeds - best Weed seed quality!

cannabis seeds are produced organically and therefore have all important trace elements for optimum growth. With healthy Paradise Seeds you are able to grow plants in the best quality. The IACM (International study group cannabis as a medicine) has classified the breeds of Paradise Seeds as suitable for medical use. One of the finest cannabis plants is Sensi star - female 10. Paradise Seeds has won the Highlife cannabis cup in 1999 (bio-category) and the High Times cannabis cup in 1999 (Indica category), achieved the second place at High Times cannabis cup in 2000 (Indica category), had the plant of 2003 (High Times), and was was winner of Highlife cannabis cup 2004 (bio-category).

Interested in cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds? 

Then here you are definitely right on Our on-line shop contains an assortment of 28 different breeds from Sensi Seeds
For Indoor use Sensi Seeds offers SHANTI II, Sensi Skunk, REALLY SKUNK, California Indica, AMERICAN DREAM, SHIVA SKUNK, Silver Pearl, Skunk Kush, Fruity Juice. Our Sensi Seeds for Indoor use are Hindu Kush, Afghani #1, ridge lady, Four Way, Hawaiian indica, Big Bud, Black Domina, Hash Planning, Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, JACK FLASH. Sensi Seeds Outdoor area contains RUDERALIS INDICA, guerrilla warfares Gusto, Mexican Sativa, EARLY SKUNK, Outdoor mix, Durban, Early Girl, Early Pearl, JAMAICAN PEARL.
We are glad to welcome you in our online-shop, please mail us, if you have any questions.

Sensi Seeds - award-winning top cannabis seeds! 

Sensi Seeds stand for best quality in the hemp area. The Sensi breeds are result of more than 20 years' of intelligent hemp breeding, leading to the biggest collection of important cannabis-breeds worldwide. Fans of Sensi Seeds know, why Sensi Seed crossbreeds have cleared so many prices. If you choose Sensi Seeds, you will have a top product in your hands. From a big palette we would like to introduce our three most-ordered Sensi Seeds: "Nomen est omen" is true for "ridge lady", blooming in record time. Only 45-50 days until you can enjoy full-grown plants! The next popular cannabis breed certainly is "Guerrilla Gusto" which fascinates by her short blooming duration, which distinguishes it for outdoor use. The last example of Sensi Seeds is the new Indika plant "American Dream", also a early-blooming, littered with white crystals, famous for nice dreams.

Ministry of cannabis is one of the top Weed seed producers and has produced a huge number of genetically improved variations.
Ten years of experience in hemp-breeding and -production of Weed seed allow excellent quality. Powerhorses of Ministry of cannabis are classical cannabis breeds like White Widow, but also proprietary developments like Carnival, or Angel Dust.
The cultivation of narcotic-hemp (cannabis)) is based on "feminized" cannabis seeds today, which mainly develop female plants. The psychoactive substance THC in high concentration is mainly found in undusted female blooms, while male blooms only produce little THC; therefore, a separation of genders with the cultivation of narcotic-hemp is desirable and usual, to keep earlier maturing male seeds from pollinate female blooms. Unfertilzed female plants concentrate their whole strength upon the development of bigger blossoms, hoding more potent resin. Such cultivated plants are known as Sinsemilla by the grower scene.



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