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Delicious Seeds
Hersteller: Delicious Seeds
Lieferzeit: 1-2 Werktage
Geschlecht Feminisiert
Kreuzung Caramelo x Carmen
Sorte 60% Sativa, 40% Indica
Anbau Outdoor, Indoor, Glashaus
Blütezeit Indoor55 - 60 Tage
Blütezeit Outdoor7 - 8 Wochen
Ertrag Outdoor 600 g pro Pflanze
Ertrag Indoor 500 g/m2
ErntezeitpunktMitte Oktober
THC:CBD-Verhältnis1:1 zu 1:2
Effekt Medizinisch
Medizinischer WertSehr hoch (CBD strain)
Geschmack & Aroma Zitronenfrucht, Blumen, mandarine
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Honeybells - Delicious Seeds CDB Line

After more than two years research and development work, the Delicious Seeds R&D team presents its new strain of marihuana called Honeybells (DS34), which has high levels of CBD.

Honeybells is the result of crossing Caramelo (DS20) (Lavender x Lavender), a mainly sativa strain with great genetic diversity – Hawaiian, Afghan, Colombian and Mexican - and highly valued for its unmistakeable lavender taste and aroma, with Carmen, which is very rich in CBD.

With ratios of 1:1, this plant is ideal for medicinal use as well as for those who want to combine its use with tasks requiring concentration.

Owing to its THC-CBD ratio, this plant is only mildly psychoactive.

Easy to grow and produces great yields – nearly 1g per watt Indoors and 2kg Outdoors.

Honeybells (DS34) has a very pleasant lime/lemon taste with floral notes and is the perfect choice for those looking for something fresh with high levels of CBD.


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